At Arab Academy for Scince and Technology (AAST): (September 2003 to Now)
Undergraduate projects:
Image Watermarking (2003-2004).

Speech Transformation (2004-2005).

Communication Networks (2005-2006).

Power Line Communications.

Wireless communication Networks.

Modulation Techniques.

CDMA systems.

Design of CDMA Modulator using FPGA (2006-2007), and (2007-2008).

Fingerprint Recognition (2008-2009).

Design of Bluetooth Encryption Engine using FPGA (2009-2010).

Design, Simulation and Implementation of OFDM Modulator/Demodulator using MATLAB and FPGA (2010-2011).

A bluetooth Controlled walking Robot (2011-2012).

At Assiut University:(October 1995 - August 2003)
Assisted in supervising undergraduate projects.