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List of subjects:

Grade 9

Arabic Math Chemistry
English French Physics
Biology Art IT
NS Religion PE

Grade 10

All grade 10 students sit for the following subjects:

Biology Chemistry English Math

 CIE link for grades 9&10

Grades 11 & 12

In the Higher Grades, students develop their leadership and independent study skills. Students achieve very high grades in IGCSE/GCE examinations. We offer IGCSEs/GCEs in;

IGCSE Accounting  AS Accounting  A2 Accounting
IGCSE Arabic as First Language    AS Business A2 Business
IGCSE Art and Design  AS French   A2 French
IGCSE Business  AS Applied ICT A2 Applied ICT
IGCSE English literature  AS Biology A2 Mathematics
IGCSE Economics  AS Mathematics A2 Biology 
IGCSE French as Foreign Language  AS Chemistry A2 Chemistry
IGCSE German  AS Physics A2 Physics
IGCSE Mathematics    
IGCSE Physics    
IGCSE Sociology    


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