List of Projects

Research Projects

Designed and implemented SP-GiST index access method for PostgreSQL database. SP-GiST is a general framework for implementing space-partitioning tree indexes in object-relational databases. SP-GiST relializes disk-based versions of the trie and its variants (e.g., patricia tries), quad-trees and their variants (e.g., the point quad-tree, the PMR quad-tree, and the oct-tree), and k-d trees.
Designed the operator-scheduler of the first prototype for the Nile DSMS. Nile is a Data-Stream Management System capable of managing and processing data streams produced by multiple sources in an unpredictable and bursty fashion allowing multiple concurrent users to perform complex live queries in a stream-in stream-out fashion.
Designed and implemented SoftShuffle project aiming to improve the resilience of distributed systems against software attacks by realizing them as moving targets to attackers. Soft-Shuffle exploits code diversity to intorduce observed behavioral non-determinism and automated fault recovery to mission critical applications.

Undergraduate Projects

Configuration Management for the cloud, Fall 2011