summer semester
Schedule of Second Semester 2011-2012
Now you can download the second semester schedule of the college of management and technology. The registration will start from Sunday 12/2/2012, and the semester beginning will be on Saturday 18/2/2012.

summer semester
Schedule of Final Exams for Second Semester 2011-2012
Exams are starting from Saturday 26/5/2011. Read Exams Instructions, Violations and Punishments, and Download The Schedule.
Basic Programs
- English Section
- Arabic Section
International Programs
- UWIC Program
- French Program

College Bulletin

Semester Beginning:

18/2/2012 - Ending: 9/6/2012

The contact information for all staff in the college of management and technology are now available online including: the room number, office phone extension, and email.

Provide us with accurate data to provide you with accurate guidance!

Provide your advisor with your accurate data, to allow him to guide you better academically and give you the right advice in the right time. Fill in the student data application (download it) and send it by email to your advisor. (Contact your advisor)

The Seminar of The Marketing & International Business Department

A seminar will be held on Sunday 8/4/2012 at 10:00am. In Dr. Gamal Mokhtar hall - engineering building seminar title: “The death of marketing as we know it”. Guest speaker: Dr. Hesham Dananah, professor of marketing & strategic management. Buses will be available from and to the CMT at 09:30am, and it is an open invitation.

From our faith that the quality of learning service starts from meeting students needs. College of management and technology is announcing the start of new procedures for students' complaints system. ...more

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